Our Mission

Service: Above all, we are your agent. Your goals are our goals. Our job is to understand your needs and to satisfy those needs not only through design, but by our dedication to all the everyday activities that will make your project a success. Taking minutes, responding to your questions, making prompt reviews are standard operating procedure for us. And we know that the budget and the schedule are of utmost importance. 

High standard of design: We believe in the quality of the built environment. We believe that excellent design makes an excellent building, not only by way of architectural form, but by the quality of the environment it brings to its occupants. We believe in space, in light, in panorama, in appropriate materials. And we believe that excellent design imparts true, monetary value.

Professional documents: We are proud of the extensive documentation we do for every project. Our concern for the smallest detail is recorded in our drawings and in our specifications. With research, care and experience we build your project in our minds. Then we describe the work, meticulously in our up-to-date computer system. We also make use of the internet to develop, coordinate and expedite information.  

Commitment to environment: We join those who are concerned about sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection, and indoor environmental quality. We promote the goals promoted by the U. S. Green Building Council. We employ green building strategies and we urge our clients to take the additional steps, where necessary, to seek "LEED" (Leadership in Environmental and Energy Design) certification for their projects. 

Sensitivity to context: We care about history. We care about landmark quality structures. We know the difference between preservation, restoration, and renovation. But, more than that, we believe that every project, even a new building, must respond to its setting. A building has an obligation to be a good neighbor. And through the appropriate use of style, materials, color and form we will help it to be just that.

Participation in the A.I.A.: We are members of the American Institute of Architects, a national, professional organization. Visit AIA.com to take advantage of the webpage. Or, to get an idea of how the architectural design process works, visit the how design works portion of the site.